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Tegra is year later than Nvidia hoped

by on28 September 2010

OS to blame
Back in may Nvidia showed its investors a slide that featured 50 design win for Tegra 2. Compare that to just two design wins for Tegra, one of which was the ill-fated Kin smartphone.

Not a single Tegra 2 tablet or any sort of device has shipped, and the blame is on the operating system. We’ve seen some tablets showcased at CES and later at Cebit but these, mostly Taiwanese companies have postponed all of them. The word is that they got delayed as they dropped Windows 7 tablet edition in favour of Google’s Android. Today we are waiting for Gingerbread aka Android 3.0, something that should get Google’s green light for the tablet market.

Even Jensen said it during GTC, Nvidia's Tegra strategy is a whole year behind schedule and a year from where the company would like it to be, but this doesn’t appear to be much of a problem for Nvidia, as there are still no any serious tablets available on any chip based on ARM. The rest of the ARM chip community suffers at the moment just like Nvidia.

With the launch of Gingerbread Android 3.0 in Q4 we can hope to see some nice tablets in Q1 2011 but at this point no one really knows if this will actually happen. We hope for some nice tablet competition in first half of 2011 and if the pricing gets right, Android – ARM based tablets can put some pressure on the iPad, but we still see iPad as a predominant player in this market for quite some time.
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