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Intel shows new mobile CPUs

by on27 September 2010

Core i5 and Core i7

Intel has officially shed some light and details regarding its new mobile CPUs models including new Core i5 series CPUs and new Core i7 series mobile models. Intel also shed some details regarding the new Celeron parts that should appear along side the newly announced Core i5 and i7 mobile CPUs.

The Core i7 series starts with the dual-core Core i7-640M clocked at 2.8GHz. This one packs 4MB of L3 cache and has a 35W TDP. This will have a US $346 price tag. The next in line are the Core i7-660LM and Core i7-680UM, both featuring two cores and 4MB of L3 cache. The first one works at 2.26GHz, while the Core i7-680UM is clocked at 1.46GHz. These two should have a TDP rated at 25 and 18W, respectively. The Core i7-660LM and i7-680UM will be priced at US $346 and US $317.

The Core i5 series is will get an Core i5-580M and Core i5-560M models, both clocked at 2.66GHz (but with a different Turbo clock). Both have 3MB of L3 cache and a 35W TDP. The first one will be priced at US $266 while the Core i5-560M will end up with at US $225 price tag. Intel is also preparing a Core i5-560UM model that has two cores, works at 1.33GHz and has 3MB of L3 cache. Unlike its brethren, this one has an 18W TDP and will be priced at US $250.

The Celeron offer will be refreshed with two models, the Celeron P4600 and the Celeron T3500. Both are dual-core CPUs and will have the same 35W TDP. The P4600 will be clocked at 2GHz and will have 2MB of L3 cache. The T3500 works at 2.1GHz and has 1MB of L2 cache only. These two are priced at US $86 for the P4600 and US $80 for the T3500.
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