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Optimus Maximus keyboard pictured at CES

by on08 January 2008


Gizmodo says it's great


Optimus Maximus, the OLED keys keyboard from ArtLebedev, has been showcased at CES 2008, and the guys from managed to play around with it. There is still an issue with the US$1,500 price tag, but that should change as soon as the OLED displays become a bit more affordable.

According to the post over at Gizmodo, the keyboard is sold in four versions; the keys can easily be taken out; the OLED keys are very bright,;and most importantly, the keyboard works and it has almost washed off its famous "vaporware" tag. Just about everybody agrees that $1,500 or €1,256.86 is just way too much for a keyboard, but it's a start, a rough one, but still a start.

You can check out the Gizmodo hands-on here , and if you really like gadgets and have $1,500 or €1,256.86 to waste on a keyboard right now,  you can pre-order one here. It will be available in black or white.


Last modified on 10 January 2008
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