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X48 delayed, thanks to Asus

by on07 January 2008

Overstocked on X38

Intel's X48 chipset was meant to have been soft launched and hard launched by now, but as you might have noticed, it shines with its absence. From what we've heard from several sources, you can thank Asus for this.

Asus decided to go full on when it comes to products based on the X38 chipset and has some nine SKU's based solely on the X38 chipset, but aparently sales haven't been as good as the company expected. Due to this, they asked Intel to delay the X48 chipset until they could ship more X38 boards and clear out stock.

We're not sure why Intel listened, but it seems like the two companies are very close, indeed. But don't despair if you're waiting for the X48 chipset; it looks like it will finally launch toward the end of this month if all goes to plan, as Intel needs it to get the most out of their upcoming 1,600MHz FSB processors.

Expect boards to be readily available on the launch date, as every motherboard manufacturer in Taiwan is just waiting for the green light from Intel to start selling their boards.
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