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AMD Barts specs leaked

by on16 September 2010

256-bit bus, 960 shaders
Chinese tech site Chiphell has leaked an interesting slide featuring full AMD Barts specs and the numbers look impressive.

The new Barts series should succeed Juniper-based HD 5770 and HD 5750 boards, but it will deliver a significant performance boost. The biggest difference is the transition to a 256-bit memory bus, which will provide quite a bit more bandwidth than the 128-bit Juniper series. Both boards should feature 1GB of memory, but we’re still not sure about memory clocks, as we’re getting some mixed information.

Barts XT will feature 12 SIMDs, 960 shaders, 48 texture units and 32 ROPs. For comparison, Juniper XT packs 800 shaders and 40 texture units, so Barts will have 20 percent more of everything. The core should end up clocked at 850MHz and the TDP is rated at over 150W, which is quite a bit more than the HD 5770.

Barts PRO packs 800 shaders, 40 texture units and 32 ROPs, much like the current Juniper XT, but it will also have a wider 256-bus. It will be clocked between 700MHz and 725MHz and its TDP should end up below 150W.

AMD is pitting both boards against Nvidia’s GTX 460: Barts PRO will take on the 768MB version of Nvidia’s GTX 460, while Barts XT should fight the 1GB version. Judging by the spec, Barts boards should be able to outperform the GTX 460 and we wouldn't be surprised if they match HD 5830 or even 5850 performance in some scenarios, thanks to higher clocks and the 256-bit bus.

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