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Cooler Master HAF 912 Plus tested

by on15 September 2010


HAF 912 Plus and HAF 912 Advanced come with black interior, whereas HAF 912 (US market) does not. It’s worth noting that this is the smallest HAF case made so far and will take ATX and M-ATX motherboards.

HAF 912 will take up to 12 drives – four 5.25'', seven 3.5'' (one converted from 5.25'') and four 2.5'' (two converted from 3.5''). We were pretty surprised to see the size of the CPU hole in the motherboard tray. In fact, it measured 14x14cm, which is 2cm bigger than on the HAF X case. We must admit that have we had such a motherboard dray in HAF-X, we wouldn’t have had trouble we’ve encountered here.
All HAF 912 cases come with a 120mm fan (1200RPM, 17dBA) at the back panel wheras only the HAF 912 Advanced comes with a 200mm top panel fan. Once the top fan is in place, there’s enough room for tall and wide CPU coolers but if you’re looking to install water cooling, you’ll have to mount the radiator from the outside. As far as CPU cooler compatibility goes, specs say that maximum CPU cooler size should be 175mm (HAF X, HAF 932 and HAF 922 will take CPU coolers up to 190mm).


The 3.5'' drive cage is separated in two sections and the upper one can be taken out if it gets in the way, like in the case of a long graphics card. The upper cage, when removed, will allow for 390mm graphics cards; when in place, the case will take graphics cards up to 270mm long.

Apart from the aforementioned 3.5'' drive cages, CoolerMaster left a 2.5'' drive cage on the bottom, which can be removed and placed on top of the bottom 3.5'' drive cage. The upper cage can be positioned like on the picture below, if anyone sees the need for it.



The front panel must be taken off when mounting a 5.25'' and the drive is secured with the drive locking mechanism we’re already pretty familiar with.


CoolerMaster made sure that cable management is as good as it gets. Strangely enough, in this respect HAF 912 cases seem to outdo even their much bigger siblings. In fact, Unlike on the HAF X, HAF 912 cases feature plenty of notches to tie your cables to, making cable management a breeze. Furthermore, there’s 1.5cm of room reserved solely for cables. (Don’t mind our cable mess, we’re sure you can do better).


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