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Cooler Master HAF 912 Plus tested

by on15 September 2010


HAF 912 Plus is a case that can, despite its size, be turned into a true High Air Flow case. HAF 912 Plus comes with two fans that help with airflow and will be enough for a system with active CPU and graphics cooling. We couldn't resist the urge and took the smallest HAF through its paces by using passive cooling on both the CPU and graphics.
Motherboard: MSI P35 Platinum
Processor: Intel Core 2 Extreme x6800
CPU-Cooler: CoolerMaster Hyper Z600
Graphic Card: Gigabyte’s passively cooled Geforce 9800 GT card
PSU: CoolerMaster SilentPro 700W


All our test hardware fit into HAF 912 Plus with no trouble. Note however that 3.5'' drives are mounted in a way not quite standard for other CoolerMaster cases we’ve tested so far. The mechanism does work flawlesly though, even more than enough as it needs a two-handed tug to get a 3.5'' out. Note that there are no screws and the drive (with a slide rail) is just pushed into its place.

You might've noticed that we mounted an additional 200mm (700 RPM, 19dBA – A 20030-07CB-3MFC1) on the top panel. We did it after we performed our tests in order to see just how much a top fan contributes to cooling. There was only about 1cm from the top fan to the CPU cooler’s heatsink, which made a significant impact on cooling performance.

We pushed our CPU with Prime 95 while the graphics card ran in idle mode. The following table clearly shows that HAF 912 Plus can be a real beast once it gets a top panel fan. HAF 912 Plus with an additional top fan will be called HAF 912 Advanced in our tables, as this is what you should expect from HAF 912 Advanced when it hits the shelves.


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