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Far Cry 2 finds its way onto consoles

by on07 January 2008
April 08


Ubisoft announced that the upcoming sequel to Far Cry, Far Cry 2, will not be exclusive to PC. There will be versions for XboX 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles.

With the first game Ubisoft tried to deliver something different, unseen in first person shooters, namely free-roaming and free-thinking. It's exactly those things that enabled the player to end a mission in a way he/she chose.

The sequel will follow in its predecessor’s footprints, except this time – we’re moving away from the jungle and into Africa. Ubisoft made some great breakthroughs, and you can see it in Far Cry 2’s presentation. Terrain is about 50 square kilometers, and you can wander around as you see fit.

Everything is there – vast savannas, deserts, as well as dense jungles. All vegetation is animated, and it looks quite realistic. For instance, traveling jeeps leave a mark in the grass; the branches fall off if you shoot them, fires move in the direction the wind blows, etc.


We really liked Far Cry, and its sequel looks even sweeter, so we’re hoping that Ubisoft does the job right, and delivers us another FPS masterpiece.


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