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Point of View / TGT GTX 460 Ultra Charged and Beast tested

by on01 September 2010



Review: GTX 460 1GB Beast beats GTX 470

Today we'll finalize our review of overclocked Point of View/TGT cards by showing you the results we've scored with GTX 460 Ultra Charged and GTX 460 BEAST cards. Point of View and TGT joined forces to offer factory overclocked cards with a choice between Charged, Ultra Charged and BEAST clocks. As the name suggests, BEAST branded cards are the fastest beasts in the pack and the GTX 460 BEAST, with its 855MHz GPU, proudly carries the title of the fastest overclocked Nvidia partner card. We were pretty glad to get a chance to promote Point of View/TGT cards because every start is rough and competitors are always on the prowl. Before we move onto results, which will definitely paint a much better picture than we can do with words, let’s see what Point of View and TGT team have to say:

”All of the POV/TGT GeForce GTX 460 “BEAST” products are hand selected and manually tuned with a proprietarily tuning algorithm developed by TGT’s highly skilled hard- and software engineering team in Germany. Frankly speaking, TGT tuning is “Made in Germany”. Finally all of the POV/TGT GeForce GTX 460 “BEAST” products are verified with a comprehensive burn-in procedure to assure highest customer satisfaction. ”

“Our team worked for over three months day and night,” said Wolfram Tismer, CEO of TGT. “We are very proud of being in the position to offer computer enthusiasts what we believe is the best possible NVIDIA GeForce performance on the planet in a rock solid hard- and software-environment.”

“Point of View was always striving to offer high quality products with extremely low defective rates,” added Björn Solli, CEO of Point of View. “The addition of professionally tuned enthusiast products to our existing product range based on high quality components and high quality manufacturing enjoyed an overwhelming response around the world by the well known community of enthusiastic computer journalists as independent reviews turned out to be exceptional.”

The POV/TGT GeForce GTX 460 “BEAST” is available with both, 1GB of GDDR-5 display memory as well as with 768MB of GDDR-5 memory at lower cost. As most of the DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 computer games don’t require a 1GB frame buffer, the less expensive 768MB configuration is also an excellent choice. ”

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