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Fusion wanted for next generation consoles

by on31 August 2010

CPU and GPU on a chip
The next generation Playstation and Xbox designs are looking for monolithic cores. Designers are after a CPU that packs the graphics core on the same chip.

Fusion in this article is just a group name for CPU and GPU designs. At bout the time that next generation consoles are slated to appear, two companies might have what is necessary. It is not hard to guess AMD with is Fusion is one and Intel with its Sandy Bridge or the next generation Haswell design is the second contender.

Intel is definitely not the first choice for the console people due to Intel’s weak history in graphics. We don’t even want to mention Larrabee as Intel got laughed at enough about that one.

The third potential company is Nvidia and if the green team makes it to the running, it would offer a Tegra based chip, or rather some teenage mutant with ARM Tegra based CPU and some better graphics could deliver enough perofrmance for 2012 consoles.

We heard that AMD with its killed off ATI brand has a big chance of scoring the next generation designs and we’ve also heard that ATI already got into next gen Xbox. Did we mention that it was plain silly to kill the ATI brand? I can see that many readers agree, but AMD’s marketing will probably simply rename everything to Fusion as this is their fetish brand.

There is a big chance that Nvidia won’t be a part of next generation console designs.
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