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Sony gets injunction against hardware hack

by on30 August 2010

PS3Jailbreak dongle sales suspended
Sony has won a temporary ban to prevent Australian distributors selling the PS3Jailbreak hardware hack for the PS3. Sony claims that the PS3Jailbreak "dongle" allows gamers to play homemade and pirated games on the game's console, although it equally allows them to run the Linux operating system.

The ban prevents OzModChips, Mod Supplier and Quantronics from importing, distributing or selling the device. Apparently Sony has until August 31 to come up with a reason for the court to issue a permanent ban. The court order gives Sony control of all of the dongles in the firms' possession and allows the electronics giant to test the devices, including "destructive analysis".

This analysis apparently will help Sony establish how the dongles work as part of an attempt to make its case. Modchips are legal in Australia so it is not clear how far this will go. The dongles turn the machine from a consumer device into a developer machine. This enables it to operate without passwords.

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