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Target the latest to dabble in used space

by on26 August 2010

Will launch trade-in program in 850 stores
Target is becoming the next retailer to try its hand in the trade-in market space. The company will start accepting trade-ins at both its retail locations and via the company’s website. The new trade-in program starts today, with plans for the retailer to roll the program out to 850 stores before the end of the year.

In an interesting twist, the retailer will be accepting trade-in video games at the store’s Target Mobile counter located next to the gaming section in Target stores; but the more interesting news is that the company will not only be accepting video game trade-ins from the web site, but DVDs as well as electronics, such as iPods and cell phones, for example.

Target will be issuing in-store credit for trade-ins that is able to be used right away. The move is not surprising, as Best Buy has experimented with trade-in programs and Wal-Mart is launching their own program, as well. So far, however, the success of retailers like these in this market space has been limited, but apparently the retailers do see the potential.

GameStop, however, claims that these programs have had little effect on their business so far, but time will tell if this trend will continue. What continues to perhaps be more worrisome, however, is the aggressive plans by publishers to push the purchase of new titles through the use of codes packed within new title purchases. This move could put a damper on the used market, but the impact has not been widespread enough to be able to judge the entire long term effect of this move.
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