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Cooler Master Storm Inferno tested

by on08 September 2010


Naturally, there is only one certain way of testing the mouse – using it in office programs, photoshop and other everyday programs. Note however that these tests tend to be subjective as not all of us have same sized hands, usage preferences and such. Furthermore, some prefer heavier mice whereas others like them light, but these tests should be enough to give you a general idea.  

We chose Warhammer Online, Runes Of Magic and Counter Strike Source for our test games. We used a few different pads, such as CM Storm FPS Tactics DC, CM Storm Weapon of Choice and my pretty old but favorite Func pad.

I must admit that Inferno felt really god despite the fact that it’s smaller than my hand.



I was pretty excited by the fact that keys can be programmed to run plenty of functions, so I cut keyboard usage to bare minimum. The mouse is excellent when you assign various aura, buff and fast heal keys, but it will take some time for you to get used to the new layout. This is even more true when using the Storm Tactics key, which provides secondary functions to keys, but hardcore gamers will definitely love it.

Inferno isn’t without shortcomings, though. The first problem we’ve found is the fact that this mouse is designed for right handed users only. The second one is the fact that it comes without a weight system, and pro gamers might find this to be a severe downside. The mouse is pretty light and a slight tug on the cable will send it flying but this will be more evident in FPS gaming, where you need clinical precision. However, Inferno is designed to please MMO gamers, rather than FPS ones, so this might not be much of an issue.
Everyday work is a breeze with this mouse as it’s comfortable and won’t make your hand sore if you’re working too long, too hard.

The price tag on this mouse is about €50, which isn’t so bad compared to its performance. You can find it here.

We found Inferno to be a really quality mouse that is becoming our faithful companion really fast. The downsides are only few, with the lack of weight system applying only to those that prefer FPS gaming. However, the mouse is designed to please MMO gamers and as such, we have no choice but to award it.




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Last modified on 08 September 2010
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