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Gamers want XFX Fermi cards

by on20 August 2010

Nvidia to blame
Gamers want XFX based Fermi cards, we've heard it ourselves and the company sources have confirmed it on a few occasions.

The story is quite simple, Nvidia is still punishing XFX for going with ATI chips and they are simply not happy that this long time Nvidia-only supporter wanted to turn to the red side.

As Nvidia is not powerful enough to punish guys like Palit and the companies around this brand, it tends to focus its hate on XFX.

XFX long time brand supporters want Fermi cards, they wanted Geforce GTX 480, they would go for GTX 470 and especially some overclocked GTX 460 cards, but Nvidia still doesn’t let XFX do what it knows best.

ATI is profiting here as XFX is turning all of its talent and sales force on their products and some special cards such as Radeon HD 5970 with a massive overclock and 4GB of memory. Gamers are the ones to suffer as some of them only want XFX cards and nothing else, but still some of them want Nvidia and nothing else.

The ball is in Nvidia’s court and in the meantime XFX are selling more and more AMD cards and more customers switching to ATI just because XFX is doing well. Unless Nvidia's sales machine reasons, they are risking losing all XFX fans to ATI. With BFG out of the picture this is the last thing that Nvidia needs, especially now that ATI has never been stronger.
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