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Cheapest Sandy Bridge to cost $78

by on18 August 2010
Comes in Q1 2011
A part of Intel's legacy market segment is comprised of the Pentium E5000 series and the slowest of them is E5500. This is a 2.8GHz socket 775 dual core CPU and this is exactly the place where Sandy Bridge cheapest iteration plans to surface.

Intel plans to launch one more Wolfdale-based Pentium, the E5700 in early Q4 2010 and after that, this market segment gets its Sandy Bridge CPU. The slowest and cheapest sandy bridge, again dual core should cost $79.99, which is the usual price for this market segment.

This new CPU should launch in Q2 2011, one quarter after the introduction of the first wave of Sandy Bridge CPUs that is scheduled for Q1 2011. The most likely brand for this Sandy Bridge dual-core is Pentium, but this is something that is still not for a public eye.

Sandy Bridge in this market segment has a lot of potential as this 32nm based CPU can offer much more than current Pentium E5500 Wolfdale 45nm based core.

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