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Abit promises comeback in 2008

by on02 January 2008

Won't be going the way of the dinosaurs

There have been some concerns about Abit and where the company is/was heading, but we can put your worries to rest, since after a chat with them late last week, we can tell you that they have no current plans on pulling out of the motherboard market and you can expect to see a range of high-end products coming from the company later this year.

Abit is already in the planning stage for products based on the upcoming P45 chipset from Intel, and although this chipset won't arrive for some time yet, it's good to hear that they're getting ready. Abit also has an X48 board ready to go, but you'll have to wait a little bit longer before this becomes available, but this is pretty much a DDR3 version with an active cooler of their current X38 board.

The IX48-MAX, as it will be known, will launch as soon as Intel gives the go-ahead for the X48 chipset to launch, which should be sometime this month, if everything goes to plan. It will come packaged in a very fancy black cardboard box ,which Abit is hoping that people will re-use once they've taken the motherboard out of the box.

Apart from this, we should see some further products from the company and hopefully some new Abit innovations. It's going to be an uphill struggle for Abit, but if they manage to bring out products that people are interested in, then it shouldn't be too hard for the company to turn around and get back to a more well deserved position in the market than they're currently enjoying.


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