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Test Drive Unlimited 2 pushed till 2011

by on13 August 2010

Atari gives no real reason for the delay
The upcoming release of Test Drive Unlimited 2 has been pushed out till the first quarter of 2011. Atari gave no reason for the delay of the title that is in development at Eden Games, beyond saying that the extra time will give the developers the ability to enhance the multiplayer experience that the game will offer.

From what we have been able to learn, Test Drive Unlimited 2 will be an online racing title that will push the title in a new direction from previous Test Drive releases. Atari is positioning the title as a M.O.O.R. game, which means massively open online racer. When it finally is released, the game will be available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms.

Whispers that we are hearing suggest that the delay might be in part due to feedback that the developers have received; and the added time will allow for more revisions to the game that would not be possible with a release this holiday season. According to Atari and Eden Games, a beta will be announced for Test Drive Unlimited 2 at some point soon.
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