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Gran Turismo 5 not finished

by on10 August 2010

November release said to be in doubt
Sources tell us that Gran Turismo 5 isn’t finished yet by a long shot, and the on-again, off-again release for the highly expected PlayStation 3 racer might not actually make its latest November 2nd release date. Sources tell us that work continues, and while the title isn’t finished yet they are getting closer to reaching that goal.

While some have hailed designer Kazunori Yamauchi’s vision for GT5 as having the potential to be the greatest racing game ever created, others are suggesting that his design was too ambitious and far too much to be in one single game. The scrutiny has been increased in the case of GT5 because the developer, Polyphony Digital, has had the title in development for so long.

While our sources tell us that it will be a mad scramble for Polyphony Digital to finish the title before the deadline, some suggest that this is no different from other high-profile releases. While jokes have been going around about how Gran Turismo 5 is the new Duke Nuke Em and the developers could basically work on this title forever, we think it is unlikely that Sony will fund the development of GT5 forever.

While rumors continue that the cost of GT5 has run up quite a number, we do think that the title will be released. Don’t be surprised, however, if it does not make the November 2nd release date; and if it doesn’t, don’t say you didn’t hear it here first.
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