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Epic Mickey could come to 360 and PS3

by on09 August 2010

Would use Kinect and Move to make it possible
While Warren Spector and his team at Junction Point continue development of Epic Mickey for the Nintendo Wii, it seems that the questions about conversion to other platforms will not die. Apparently, we are now hearing that Spector has admitted that because of Kinect and Move, conversions to both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 would be possible.

While Spector does not confirm that they are going to port the title to other platforms, he apparently now believes that once Kinect and Move are released that technically this is possible, but the decision on whether to do it will be made well beyond his pay grade. (Epic Mickey uses gesturing for control and prior to Kinect and Move, a conversion would not have really been possible, according to what we have been told.)

According to the folks we have spoken with in the shadows, it is possible that the sales and popularity of the Wii version of Epic Mickey will be watched before deciding if a conversion to other platforms is the right direction for the title. Don’t expect an announcement until long after the initial sales numbers have arrived, and a then a decision will be reached.
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