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Nvidia wants to reduce the cost of the 8800 GT

by on31 December 2007


PCB layer reduction

Video card manufacturers seem to be getting an interesting request from Nvidia to reduce manufacturing costs in an effort to help the 8800 GT better compete with the Radeon 3870. Nvidia is said to be telling card manufacturers that measures to reduce the number of PCB layers from ten layers to six layers is acceptable as long as it does not come at the cost of quality of reliability.

If the redesign of the 8800 GT were completed to reduce the number of PCB layers from 10 to 6, it could save as much as $10 per card, which would put the 8800 GT in a much better position to compete with the Radeon 3870.

While Nvidia is only saying that the reduction of PCB layers and a redesign of the card is only a suggestion, sources suggest that this is one of the best ways for video card manufacturers to be able to better complete with the onslaught of lower-priced Radeon cards.

It has been suggested that the PCB layer and redesign suggestions are not Nvidia requirements, so no card maker will be forced to make these changes to bring down the price; but it is safe to assume that at least some card manufacturers will take Nvidia’s advice in an attempt to reduce costs.

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