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RIM seeking patent for angled keyboard

by on31 December 2007


New keyboard design for future BlackBerry?

Research in Motion (RIM) has had a patent application filed on its behalf for a new keyboard design that could be used in a possible future BlackBerry model. 

The new keyboard design that RIM is looking to patent features the keys on the keyboard of the device set at a 45-degree angle to the unit. From what we see the keyboard could be using a multi-function key assignment with predictive input.

While patent applications are not necessarily an indication of where RIM intends to take its next-generation BlackBerry, those who have used a BlackBerry for a long period of time have been known to complain of pain in their thumbs or wrists from using the BlackBerry for extended periods.

This could be an attempt to address this issue and make typing on future BlackBerry devices more comfortable.

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