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360 & PS3 to get NBA Jam, sort of

by on04 August 2010

Have to purchase NBA Elite to get lite version
Well, we can now officially confirm that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will be getting the new NBA Jam remake -- sort of. Apparently, Electronic Arts is so eager to get people to try out their new highly revised NBA Elite title that they are going to pack a download code into each copy of the game to get you the new NBA Jam.

The head scratching does not stop there, however; apparently, the NBA Jam download will be a fraction of the actual NBA Jam Remix Tour title. The NBA Jam Remix Tour title will instead be exclusive to the Nintendo Wii. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version that comes via download with the one-time use code included with NBA Elite is a stripped down version of the game.

To make matters worse, EA is already telling everyone that the only way to get NBA Jam, stripped down or not, is to buy the NBA Elite release, as they will not be selling it for download on the Xbox Live Marketplace or the PlayStation Store. Your only other option is to get the version for the Wii, assuming that you own one.

While many are already voicing their anger over EA’s decision, the company has responded by saying that they think Elite is a good product and they want people to give it a chance; and if the NBA Jam promotion helps this cause then that is a good thing. What is likely is that the decision will push sales of NBA Elite higher, but at what cost? It does seem that many casual basketball video game fans are excited about NBA Jam making a comeback, but not about spending $60 for a basketball title that they didn’t really want to purchase just to get NBA Jam.

Unless EA changes its mind at a later date and chooses to make NBA Jam available for purchase at Xbox Live Marketplace or the PlayStation Store, if you don’t buy NBA Elite then you are out of luck, as the code is a one-time and one use code, so a used copy will not do. This could end up being a very bad decision for EA, as early reaction is already very negative.
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