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XFX HD 5670 1GB tested

by on30 July 2010


The cooler is miniature and takes up only one slot. Single slot cooler is good for saving space, but a 13-fin fan with only 5cm in diameter can’t be expected to be inaudible. During FurMark, temperatures didn’t exceed 64°C, but you’ll definitely hear the fan. However, sound levels emitted by some more powerful cards in 3D mode make XFX HD 5670 1GB’s cooler one of the more silent ones. The only problem with our today’s card is that you’ll hear it when the card is in idle mode, so we guess that HTPC users won’t like it if their HTPC is in the living room.


Fan speed in auto mode climbs up to 88% RPM, whereas idle operation sees it duck to still high 50% RPM (temperatures in idle are at 37°C).

We decided to make the fan quieter so we set the RPM to 39%, which resulted in FurMark testing temperatures rising from 64°C to 70°C. Idle temperatures were at 38°C.


Last modified on 30 July 2010
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