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Special announcement about Halo: Reach on tap

by on28 July 2010

We will have to wait till Thursday to find out what it is
Microsoft apparently has a special announcement concerning the upcoming release of Halo: Reach that is going to be made this Thursday. Sources are going wild with speculation on what it might be about, but many are whispering that they expect something big.

We have been shaking the bushes to see what our sources know; and the majority of them claim to know nothing but suggest it could be an announcement concerning none other than Master Chief, but we think it is unlikely. After all of the big announcements concerning Halo: Reach at the recent ComicCon we just don’t think there is much left to announce, but apparently Microsoft feels that something has been left out.

Halo: Reach is still slated for release on September 14th only for the Xbox 360.
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