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Apple wastes money slagging of rivals

by on26 July 2010

Because it is easier than admitting you are wrong
Fruity purveyor of broken dreams, Apple is spending a fortune claiming that its rivals have the same reception problems that its broken iPhone 4.

Apple is hoping that if it can prove to the great unwashed that all its rivals have the same design flaw which makes it impossible to call out, then people will still queue to buy its broken iPhone and not have to admit you are wrong and carry out an expensive recall. On the Apple site it is basically adding all its smartphone rivals including Nokia's N97 and Verizon's new flagship, the Motorola Droid X, RIM's BlackBerry Bold 9700, HTC's Android Droid Eris, Samsung's Windows Mobile Omnia II, Nokia's N97 and Apple's own iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

The new Droid X is shown dramatically dropping from several bars to zero when held with a normal grip. Apple fanboys are telling us that it must be true, after all wouldn't those company's actually sue Apple for lying about them? It is a good point. When Apple made its  first announcement claiming that other smartphones were just as broken as the iPhone 4 the rival companies made a loud noise. However none of them rushed to take Steve Jobs to court for his much needed meeting with legal reality.

Part of the problem for Nokia is that while it claims it does not have any problems, its own user manual warns punters not to touch a certain part of the phone where the antenna meets the case. However so far no other smartphone company has reported the same levels of dropped connections of the iPhone Flaw and it seems that, Jobs's mob's expensive campaign will not make the phone more reliable.
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