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IBM releases new supercomputer

by on23 July 2010

All abuzz for the zEnterprise
IBM has shown off a a new mainframe computer called "zEnterprise," which it said was the most powerful mainframe ever and is more cost-efficient.

The move comes as Biggish Blue seeks to secure its market leadership in mainframes over the likes of HP and Oracle. The big three are targeting corporate data centres, which are using supercomputers as central number crunchers..

IBM said its zEnterprise is 40 percent to 60 percent faster than its predecessor, System z10, but uses about the same amount of electricity. No word on price of the product, but said its price relative to capacity would be lower than for the z10.

Big Blue said that it spent $1.5 billion on research and development for the zEnterprise system in a 4-year project involving over 5,000 of its employees. The core server in the zEnterprise system uses 5.2GHz chips.
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