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Notworking takes its toll on businesses

by on22 July 2010

Facebook hits 500 million users, kills productivity
Facebook has officially hit the 500 million user mark and the outfit has every reason to feel good about the noteworthy accomplishment.

The social notworking site has attracted 100 million new users in less 6 months. Not even Apple can do that, although Facebook is free, while everything with an Apple logo is ridiculously overpriced.

However, Facebook’s success seems to have come at a price for other businesses. According to a recent survey, 17 percent of British employees admitted to using Facebook when they were supposed to be working. Some 22 percent check Facebook up to five times a day, while some users, such as myself, manage less than 5 times a month.

Speaking of which, 20 percent of Brits claim they spend more time on Facebook than they do having sex, which comes as no surprise. If it was the other way around, Britain would have more people than India and China combined, and thousands of tightly packed Brits would be would be falling to their deaths from the white cliffs of Dover on a daily basis.

In related news, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has denied claims that he signed a contract with a controversial New York businessman/larcenist and transferred part of his ownership stake in the outfit some seven years ago.

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