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Fears of Chinese suicide spreading

by on22 July 2010

Worker in Foxconn subsidiary “falls off” a building
There are fears that the problem of sucidial workers is spreading to other Chinese companies. For a while now the maker of Apple's shiny toys Foxconn has suffered from a spate of young workers exiting the company, and material existance, via the roof.

The outfit has done its best to help workers deal with depression by increasing their salaries and then mothballing the plant and setting up somewhere cheaper. Oh, it also installed nets at the bottom of some of the taller buildings and made them sign a contract saying that they were not going to kill themselves.

Now there are fears that the problem might be spreading from Foxconn to its subsiduary companies. A worker at a Guangdong, China plant of Chimei Innolux was found dead after he “fell off” a building on July 20. CMI indicated that police were investigating the incident. It added that the worker was hired through a dispatching agency although it is not clear what he was dispatched to do.

Certainly he was dispatched, but no one is saying if he was depressed or suicidal. All the company will say is that he fell although it did not say what he was doing on top of the building either.
CMI is an TFT-LCD panel subsidiary of the Foxconn, which said that it did not know about the death at CMI.
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