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360 Medal of Honor beta starts

by on22 July 2010

Better late than never
After a number of delays of the Medal of Honor beta on the Xbox 360, word arrives today that those that pre-ordered the Xbox 360 version can now redeem their codes to get access to the beta. As we told you yesterday, it was announced that the beta would also be extended for PlayStation 3 and PC owners as well.

While the arrival of the multiplayer beta on the Xbox 360 platform is a month late, it is better late than never. No official word has been given on exactly how long the beta on the Xbox 360 will last or how much longer the PlayStation 3 and PC beta will be extended.

Despite the news that the beta on the Xbox 360 has kicked off, we are already hearing that some folks are already having trouble with the redemption of their codes on the Web site to generate a code to enable download the Xbox 360 version. While we don’t know the extent of this problem, we do know that some users are already having problems with code redemption. After all of this time, one would assume that redeeming the code to get access to the Xbox 360 beta would not be a problem, but that does not seem to be the case.

At any rate, if you got access to the Xbox 360 beta for Medal of Honor, good for you; you appear to be one of the lucky ones.
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