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Facebook about to make 500 million user announcement

by on16 July 2010

Everyone got sucked in
The rumour mill claims Facebook is preparing to announce that it has surpassed 500 million users within days.

According to, the company has circulated a number of internal emails informing staff about the impending milestone and asking them to upload pictures to thank users. That’s really nice of them, in a non-sarcastic way.

In related news, Facebook currently has around 150 million mobile users, or addicts as we like to call them. Back in April, there were a mere 100 million mobile users, so it’s the fastest growing segment of the company’s business. It’s clear that the rapid increase in mobile use is the result of new handsets, nearly all of which include integrated Facebook support.

Facebook is also expected to unveil a new tab design on August 1, if anyone cares.

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