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British government diddled by resellers

by on16 July 2010

Paying too much
UK Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude said that some of the savings that the government will be making on its IT budget will be made by sorting out resellers who charge them too muck. Maude revealed that different sections of the government had purchased the computer monitor with a price variation of 170 per cent.

He said last week he met with bosses of the 19 largest suppliers to government departments in order to discover ways in which the leading firms can assist in realising the planned savings of £6.2b by reducing procurement costs. In short “stop robbing the government blind and you might get a few more sales”.

The minister wants to improve "the procurement of goods and services for the whole government using our aggregated scale to drive down prices. He thinks that this will remove the discrepancies such as the variation of 170 percent in the cost of a standard computer monitor, and renegotating with the government's biggest suppliers on a portfolio basis to take out excessive cost.

The government's spending on IT consultants is also being looked at as well as various governmental web sites, some of which had been found to be competing with each other.

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