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1981 Haunted House to be rebooted

by on15 July 2010

Atari to cash in on nostalgia for sales
In a move that apparently no one saw coming, Atari will attempt to revive a 2600 classic from 1981 with a total new reboot of Haunted House. The original 2600 title, which let players explore Graves Mansion in an attempt to solve puzzles to finish the game, was quite successful but never actually spawned a successor till now.

The original Haunted House in many ways extended what was successful in the Atari 2600 Adventure title and adapted it to a Haunted House theme. The actual plot of the original was that the player had to explore Graves Mansion in an effort to find out what actually happened to their grandfather. It is currently unknown if this plot will be continued in the new offering. The game will feature both a top down style view, as well as a 2D view with a stylized cartoon look.

The game will be released for the Wii, Xbox Live and PC in time for Halloween as a downloadable-only offering. The move is aggressive for Atari, as they have expressed a desire to deliver more downloadable-only titles. Whispers from our sources in the land of Atari suggest that this might not be the only title that the company is planning a fresh new perspective on in the coming months. Apparently, the company is looking at a number of other titles for a possible reboot in the future, but first the company will test the waters with Haunted House.
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