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Worlds smallest mobile tips up in Blighty

by on14 July 2010

We thought it was vaporware
What is being billed as the world's smallest mobile phone is being shown off in Blighty. We thought the Modu phone was going to end up as vaporware until it actually appeared in its home market of Israel last year.

The minimalist phone is no larger than the standard battery in your modern smartphone and slides into modular "jackets" to get added functionality.

There is even rumours of an upcoming touchscreen-based Modu 2. The Modu is pretty limited. It keeps a list of your contacts and calls, does a bit of messaging for you. It can play back music from its thrifty 2GB of built-in, non-upgradeable memory.

If you put it in a jacket you get ambient lighting and a 3.2 megapixel camera. These a sport option with stuff like a pedometer display. However, the cases can push up the price a bit. Each one costs £50 a pop and the Modu itself is £130.

You can only buy it via the Purely Gadgets online store.

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