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Gainward GTX 460 GS Goes Like Hell tested

by on15 July 2010


Gainward’s GTX 460 1GB Golden Sample Goes Like Hell is the fastest GTX 460 we’ve seen so far, with the GPU running at 800MHz and the memory at 4000MHz (effectively). Just to remind you, reference clocks are at 675MHz for the GPU and 3600 for the memory.

By announcing the GTX 460, Nvidia announced a strong intent to conquer the mid-range graphics segment, where AMD's presence is pretty strong. Price-wise, the GTX 460's main competitor will be the HD 5830 but Nvidia made sure to announce at least two GTX 460 models in order to offer more choices to its customers. The weaker model comes with 768MB of memory, 192-bit memory interface and is priced at about €180, which is the same money the HD 5830 goes for. AMD didn't officially announce pricecuts, but you never know. In fact, if Nvidia's new offer fares well you can probably expect some pricecuts on Radeon HD 5850/5830 cards.

The stronger GTX 460 model comes with 1GB of memory and uses 256-bit memory interface, and our today's card is Gainward's take on this card dubbed the GTX 460 Golden Sample Goes Like Hell. Gainward did a great job in overclocking the card so that it easily competes with the HD 5850 and beats it in few tests. As far as cooling goes, GTX 460 GS-GLH’s custom cooling does a great job and runs quietly both in idle and 3D. The card has HDMI, VGA and DVI outs and we can’t forget the newer video engine as well.

If you’re looking for a fast DirectX11 card for gaming, our today’s Gainward GTX 460 1GB GS-GLH will be a great choice, but such a high overclock comes at a price – it’s priced about €30 higher than the reference model. So, let’s recap - premium overclocking that significantly adds to the performance, warranty, quiet operation and nice consumption make Gainward’s GTX 460 Golden Sample Goes Like Hell a great choice.


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Last modified on 15 July 2010
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