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Gainward GTX 460 GS Goes Like Hell tested

by on15 July 2010


Gainward’s GTX 460 1GB Golden Sample Goes Like Hell belongs to Gainward’s GOOD line (Gainward Optimized Own Design). The card comes with highest operating clocks among the GTX 460 pack, custom-designed cooling with GP (Gainward Pipes) and a multitude of outs, which means there’s no need for additional adapters.


The box is a new design, which Gainward uses since Fermi came around. Since the GTX 460 is the smallest Fermi card around, the box is pretty small as well.


Gainward has become Nvidia’s Premium partner, meaning they’re exclusive to the green team and the box confirms this. Note, however, that if you own Gainward’s AMD card, you’re still eligible for technical support until your warranty expires.


GTX 460 GS-GLH is safely sitting within the cardboard box.



Gainward included its useful Expertool on the CD and this tool will help you in monitoring and overclocking your card.


Last modified on 15 July 2010
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