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Fake Steve Jobs blog under fire

by on25 December 2007

Apple takes a heavy handed approach to shut it down

Apple is at it again. While the ink is not even dry on the agreement that was reached to shut Apple Rumor site “Think Secret” down, they have now turned their attention to trying to shut down the famous “Fake Steve Jobs” blog down. Apple has employed some heavy handed tactics and threats that have been directed at “Fake Steve Jobs” blogger, Daniel Lyons.

Apple flew out to meet with Lyons over the weekend. According to Lyons, during the meeting Apple indicated they wanted to help take Lyons to the next level in his career and part of that could include a monetary settlement that would enable him to shut down the Fake Steve Jobs blog site so he could ‘move on to this next level in his career.’ According to Lyons, Apple offered him US$500,000 to shut down his Web site. If you have been reading “Fake Steve Jobs” for any length of time, it will come as no surprise that Lyons turned down Apple’s offer.

Aside from journalistic integrity and First Amendment freedom of speech rights, Apple should even think they have the ability to control the media such that if they don’t like what someone writes about their company or products, they just buy them off and eliminate the problem. We have read “Fake Steve Jobs” for a long time now, and we find the commentary witty and well written. It is clearly a break from the technical related stuff that most of the members of the technology media normally write.

If Apple wants to try to influence what people read about it, then Apple should get with the program and treat journalists better and do things such as making their road maps public, for example. Influencing the way that journalists think about Apple could include such things as cooperation and working with journalists to influence their opinion of Apple and its products. Taking a heavy handed approach really gives Apple all of the wrong kind of publicity. But given what the mass media covers these days, is there really any bad press?

It looks like Lyons is talking tough for the moment, intends to continue his approach and says he will not be bullied or bought out by Apple. Our hats off to him for taking such a hard line; and we wish him much success in locking horns with the Apple.

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Last modified on 25 December 2007
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