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Destination Arcade to be delayed

by on14 July 2010

Only part of Summer of Arcade promotion
Microsoft’s announcement of the upcoming dashboard addition titled “Destination Arcade” looked to be a new permanent fixture in the dashboard, but we have learned that the new marketing interface for Xbox Live Arcade titles looks to only be a limited trial at best.

Sources tell us that while Microsoft originally had plans to roll out the Destination Arcade interface before now, the company has elected instead to release the new Destination Arcade interface as part of the annual Summer of Arcade promotion which will start on July 20th and end on August 18th. According to what we are hearing, Microsoft is currently planning to pull Destination Arcade around that August 18th date. Destination Arcade will only be available to Xbox Live users in the United States, according to what we understand.

It is possible that Microsoft might just be testing the Destination Arcade interface, which includes new sorting options for titles including by type, rating and price, as well as other options. In addition, Destination Arcade will offer a recommendation type of technology that can help you choose other titles you might like based on titles you already own. Of course, users will be able to rate the Xbox Live Arcade titles, as well.

While most thought that the Destination Arcade offering was just another in a series of additions that the company has been making to better promote and market their Xbox Live offerings, whispers that we hear suggest that it is possible that Destination Arcade could reappear again in some other form; but we suspect that the code will be recycled and used for something else which Microsoft could be intending for the expected (and as of yet unannounced) Fall Dashboard Update. It is expected that Microsoft is working on a dashboard update that is expected this fall, but the company has yet to confirm that this is the case, despite our sources telling us that this is almost a certainty.
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