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Black Ops could out perform MW2

by on13 July 2010

Activision excited at pre-order pace
Despite all of the drama surrounding Activision and Infinity Ward, Call of Duty: Black Ops looks to be ahead of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2; at least if you are going by the pace of the number of pre-orders. Sources tell us that Activision is increasing their estimated sales numbers for Black Ops, which is set to be released this holiday season.

The Treyarch-developed Call of Duty title has Activision excited, as retailers are reporting significant pre-order bookings for the title. Our sources tell us that it is possible that Black Ops could sell as many as 12 million copies before the end of the year and the number could go even higher.

In the past the Infinity Ward-produced titles have outsold the Treyarch-developed titles, but retailers as well as several analysts are expecting things to be a lot closer this time around. “It would seem that players are attracted to what they have seen so far from Black Ops, and Treyarch might have gotten it right this time around; and while sales might not surpass Modern Warfare 2, it is possible that they could. This isn’t something that we would have thought possible prior to E3,” one analyst who wished to remain anonymous told us.
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