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Gigabyte won't join Nvidia's ESA program

by on24 December 2007

Does its own thing

We heard that when Nvidia approached Gigabyte about its new ESA standard, the company told Nvidia that they weren't interested, as they'd already spent two years developing the technology inside its Odin GT power supplies and it didn't see any reason to give this technology away for free to Nvidia and the other ESA partners.

Although the two are similar in what's on offer, Gigabyte's Odin GT range of powe supplies will work with any motherboard that has a free USB connector, something ESA compliant power supplies won't be able to do; and for now they are limited to 680i and 780i motherboards.

Another advantage of the Odin GT power supplies is that they allow you to adjust more aspects of the power supply than the ESA standard allows for. This is not to say that ESA doesn't have some other advantages such as a unified utility that allows you to monitor all aspects of your system.

Nonetheless, it's interesting to see that companies aren't as affraid to stand up to Nvidia as they used to be in the past, although in this case it seems to have been a reversed situation to what you normally see in these kind of cases.
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