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MSI X-Slim X360 coming to retail

by on11 July 2010

Core i5-520UM for €899
MSI unveiled its revamped X-Slim series notebooks back at Cebit, but like all vendors it was rather slow to introduce new products based on Intel’s Core series low voltage chips.

The X360 packs a Core i5-520UM processor clocked at 1.06GHz, but don’t be fooled by the relatively low clock. Thanks to Intel’s Turbo Boost technology this 32nm part can overclock to 1.86GHz and it can wipe the floor with Core 2 Duo CULV parts previously used in the X-Slim series.

On this particular SKU, MSI has also bumped up the RAM from 2GB to 4GB, but the rest of the spec has remained identical to the CULV-based X340. The X360 will feature anywhere from 2GB to 4GB of memory and 250GB to 500GB of storage. Its biggest shortcoming is the lack of a matte screen option, so consumers are stuck with a glare panel which is not a very good idea on any ultraportable.

It’s currently listed at €899. Compared to the old X340, this might sound like quite a lot, but considering the spec it’s not that bad and cheaper SKUs will eventually appear later on. Retailers expect to have it in stock next week and you can check out the listings here.
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