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Lancool PC-K62R Red Dragon reviewed

by on10 September 2010


The insides

Lancool PC K62R Red Dragon case’s insides are painted red, which makes this a treat for your eyes when the side panel has a window on it. Good thing about this case is that HDD trays are slid outwards, so there’s no need for removing the graphics card every time you switch disks. The case supports microATX and ATX motherboards.

If you’ve no experience in mounting motherboards, don’t worry as Lancool marked the appropriate holes for ATX and microATX motherboards.


If you look at the motherboard tray, you’ll notice that it has a couple of larger holes. The largest one is behind the CPU, intended for large coolers which require back-panels. This means that you won’t have to take the motherboard out of the case in case you need to switch CPU coolers. The rest of the holes are for easier cable management, behind the motherboard where they’ll keep out of sight and out of the airflow.


HDD trays won’t get in the way of motherboard components, but you’ll have to take the right side panel off if you want to connect or disconnect your HDD. If you have one or two HDD, you can pull the trays outwards and then disconnect the cables, but if there are more HDDs, you won’t be able to. The reason is that the cable is not long enough and will tug on the rest of the trays. Red dragon will take up to 3.5’’ HDDs.


HDD brackets come with rubber pucks that attenuate vibration and lessen operation noise.


The optical drive locking system comes with relatively short “nails” that enter holes meant for screws, meaning that a slighter tug or push of an optical drive results in the drive moving. Only the first two out of five 5.25’’ slots come with a toolless system that speeds up the installation, whereas the rest is old fashioned – screws and some more screws.


Four 140mm (1000RPM) and one 120mm fan (1500RPM) are in charge of the airflow. If you haven’t been paying attention, one 140mm is on the front panel and another two are on the upper panel. The smaller 120mm fan (1500RPM) is on the back panel and it, just like the front fan, comes with a red LED lamp.



Expansion slots on this case use a special mechanism that makes our job much easier, and we’ve already seen it on some of Lian-Li’s cases.

Last modified on 10 September 2010
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