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OCZ Vertex 2 reviewed

by on09 July 2010




Throughout our tests, Vertex 2 has proven to be the crème of the crop of the current SSD offer. We measured 280MB/s read and 250 MB/s write speeds, whereas 4K file writing tests saw Vertex 2 hit spectacular 46,654 IOPS. These results show that users will benefit from Vertex 2 in multitasking and general response of their OS of choice. Talking about speeds, Vertex 2’s specs list 285MB/s read and 275MB/s speeds.

OCZ’s new drive uses Sandforce 1200 controller, which is already popular with leading SSD manufacturers, but OCZ optimized the firmware and pushed Vertex 2’s random IO performance in writing 4K files through the roof. For future firmware updates, seruce erase or reverting the drive to factory settings OCZ is preparing its OCZ Toolbox software utility, which will perform all this operations from Windows. Firmware supports TRIM, which means that Windows 7 users will be able to maintain Vertex 2’s top performance longer.

OCZ offers as much as eight Vertex 2 SSD drives, all of them differing in capacity but being identical in terms of sustainable performance. Don’t be confused by the fact that OCZ offers standard and extended versions of Sandforce Vertex 2 drives – the speeds are the same it’s just that the extended versions come with slightly higher capacity. Naturally, since price per GB is a big factor here, extended versions seem to be much better investments. Our today’s Vertex 2 100GB is priced at €320 (€3,2 per GB) whereas the 120GB, extended version is priced at about €314. If Vertex 2 100GB drives are too pricey for you and you don’t need so much space but would very much like to treat yourself to an SSD, then Vertex 2 60GB might be a wise choice; it’s priced at about €164 (€2,72 per GB).

In conclusion, no matter which Vertex 2 drive you choose, you’ll find these drives to be quality, durable components that offer reliable performance, whether it’s Workstation PC, Desktop PC or Notebook PC.




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Last modified on 11 July 2010
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