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OCZ Vertex 2 reviewed

by on09 July 2010



AS SSD Benchmark

AS SSD Benchmark is one of our favorite SSD and HDD benchmark tools, which displays average values rather than maximum ones.


With 134 MB/s in sequential writing, Vertex 2 is almost twice faster than Intel’s X-25 M 80GB G1, but we found that it ran better in sequential writing of well compressed data.


Random reading and writing of 4KB data is a job made for Sandforce and Vertext 2. 64 MB/s write speed is a great result that not many SSDs will manage.


We expected Intel to fare well in 4K_64Thrd test, because Native Command Quein (NCQ) plays a crucial role – 64 threads for random memory access is regulated and optimized by software in order to achieve maximum transfer speed. Vertex 2, with its optimized firmware, again shows that write speeds are its trade. Queue depth of 64 is unrealistically high for a regular computer, but Vertex 2 shows that it’s capable of Workstation operation as well.


Write access times were pretty good but we were surprised with the low scores in read access time, where Vertex 2 should be on par with Intel’s drive. Repeating tests didn’t do anything to improve results but 0.123ms is still a respectable result.


Copying files is a part of AS SSD benchmark and is perhaps more practical than previous tests. Vertex 2 shows that it’s not only good in synthetic tests. Furthermore, we see that copying compressed files is the fastest.

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