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OCZ Vertex 2 reviewed

by on09 July 2010


Atto Disk Benchmark

Atto disk benchmark is a pretty reliable tool for testing maximum possible transfer speeds on SSD and HDD devices. Good thing about it is that it allows for testing with predefined block sizes, and the results are neatly organized and displayed. It’s also one of few tools on which you can rely on when testing SSDs.


Compared to many other SSDs, Vertex 2 has an upper hand when it comes to write speeds. Atto test didn’t see Vertex 2 reach maximum possible value of 275 MB/s, but it did go over 250 MB/s. Read speeds on Vertex 2 can hit almost 285 MB/s, and Atto test confirms this. Note that this is almost the limit of the SATA II controller.



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