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Winer finds Apple's too expensive

by on24 December 2007


Give me my hard drive back

IT writer
and inventor of the Blog, David Winer, has found that the cost of owning an Apple Mac book was a lot higher than he thought.

In his Blog, Winer complains that when he brought his MacBook back from a tour of Europe its hard-drive was broken. He took it in to be repaired, it was replaced and was told that he could not have the hard drive back. The person behind the desk said that the hard drive, with all his personal data on it, now belonged to Steve Jobs.

The disk was going to go back to the manufacturer where it would be refurbished. In fact, to make matters worse, there was no guarantee that the hard drive that Apple had installed in his machine could be refurbished, too.

Winer was mortified that he was being charged huge amounts for used parts and his personal data was now in the hands of Apple. Even as a shareholder he felt that was a bit steep.

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