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Shaun White's worst experience was a video game

by on06 July 2010

Oh, the hardships of life
Shaun White has come out saying that Activision’s Shaun Palmer's Pro Snowboarder from 2001, where he was featured at the tender age of 13, was the worst experience of his life.

The explanation is simple and might be called a bit vain, perhaps – it didn’t look anything like him. He says how the ordeal “was terrible. It was the worst experience of my life, [be]cause I was so excited, I'm like 13, they're like you're going to be in a video game … You start freaking out, you're getting excited. Then the game came out and I'm like 'I don't look anything like that!' It was ridiculous; it didn't really depict anything like my snowboarding or anything…”

He says how the fact that he didn’t have any input in the development of the game was probably the crucial factor in his awful experience. He added how “No one asked me what I thought of it, nobody wanted to know that, they just took my name and put it on the character."

Activision is no stranger to complaints of this sort, as recent Guitar Hero legal actions confirm, yet we can’t for the life of us think of a good reason how he expected a large company such as Activision to consult a 13 year old for anything other than ice-cream.

Jokes aside, saying that a video game made in your name was the worst experience you had in your life means that you’re seriously living large and that you probably shouldn’t be given a say on the “troubles” of stardom. Whatever happened to the good old days and "drugs and alcohol have ruined my life" stories?

Last modified on 06 July 2010
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