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Taiwan wants standardised notebook power supplies

by on05 July 2010

Major players voice their support
Taiwan-based notebook companies want power supply units (PSU) to be standardised.
The move follows the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) saying that it wants to set up a dedicated team for the initiative.

According to Digitimes Taiwan's brand vendors Acer, and Asustek Computer and manufacturers such as Quanta Computer, Compal Electronics, Wistron, Pegatron Technology and Inventec have voiced their support.

It is going to be some time before all the details are sorted out . Handset charger standardization, began several years ago and we are still waiting for a result.

Laptop makers are a bit nervious at the moment because shipments expected to go down, margin will go up and so better PSUs are needed to offset the impact.

The IEEE hopes to lower e-waste by enabling one PSU for multiple mobile computing devices. It would eliminate the need to pay for a new PSU for each new notebook, tablet or netbook.

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