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Saturn title ports likely

by on01 July 2010

Sega will select the best of the best
It comes as no surprise to us that Sega is now thinking a lot about bringing Sega Saturn titles for conversion and release to both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in their respective stores. Our sources indicated to us that when Sega was planning the release of the first Dreamcast titles for conversion and download, it was also taking a hard look at some of the Saturn titles, as well.

The decision to port Saturn titles is interesting because the Saturn console was not that successful in many markets; but the platform did have some very unique titles that many consider classics, such as Panzer Dragoon, Burning Rangers, Shining Force III and Nights Into Dreams. The Saturn did, however, have more third-party support than the Dreamcast did.

Our sources tell is that if the decision was made to release Saturn titles, it is likely that it would only be the most popular titles; and it is likely that they would test the waters with a couple of releases at first and only if these prove popular would Sega invest in converting more of them over. From the whispers that we hear, it is likely that you will see at least some titles selected, and we suspect that Panzer Dragoon will be one of the selections.  Let’s hope they do an all out conversion for this one and not just a port of the Saturn original.

Sega has high hopes for the sale of the re-released Dreamcast titles for the current generation of consoles and if done properly with the right selected titles, we think the sales could prove to be quite successful for Sega. We think that this is possible for the Saturn conversions, as well, but the more enhanced they are we think the more successful they will be.

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