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German man could be jailed for ring tone

by on01 July 2010


Found one worse than Crazy frog
A German bloke could face six months in prison after managing to find a ring tone which was even more tasteless than Crazy Frog.

The bloke, aged 54, had it arranged so that when anyone called him the phone would play a speech of Hitler pledging the destruction of the Jews. Passengers on a train in Hamburg heard the ringtone several times during a journey and gave the coppers a tinkle. After all it is against the German constitution, which expressly forbids public displays of the Nazis and all their doings.

When the train stopped the police confiscated the phone. It was not as if he stuck the ring tone on for a bit of a laugh. Coppers found swastika stickers and a photo of Hitler on the telephone with the words "the greatest commander of all time" written over it.

How anyone could think that the invasion of Russia was a shrewd tactical move shows the standard of the bloke's thinking.

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