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Rage leads E3 award nominations

by on30 June 2010

Major impact after a long wait since 2007
When id Software first announced Rage way back in 2007, like many we have to admit that the power of the id Tech5 engine was pretty compelling, but were not sure that Rage would be the right kind of title to show it off. After an in-depth showing at E3, id Software has erased this doubt with its doubters as Rage leads in nominations for the Critics Awards for E3.

Rage has made a major impact with the critics who nominated the title for “Best of Show”, “Best Original Game”, “Best Console Game”, “Best PC Game” and “Best Action Game.” That is quite a few nominations for id Software to rack up for a title that is expected to be released as a PG-13 offering; this is also unique for a company who has made it their mission to release mature oriented titles in the past.

While development on Rage is still progressing, the typical id response when asked about a release date that, “…it will ship when it is done,” still lingers. However, our inside sources suggest that the title should ship in 2011, so there is still some wait ahead for those eager to give Rage a look. Assuming that Rage does ship in 2011 at some point (we are going with what were are hearing from our sources) the 4-year development cycle for the game looks to have been well spent creating something very unique that is almost assured to attract players and be a showcase for the id Tech5 engine technology.
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